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Kilkenny Blue Limestone - Honed

Material: Kilkenny Blue Limestone

Kilkenny Blue Limestone has been used for centuries as the material of choice for the construction of prestige buildings. It can be worked to provide colours that range from deep blue black to subtle blue grey and surface textures ranging from silky smooth to positively aggressive. In the hands of a skilled architect, designer or mason the combination of colours and textures can bring the most mundane structure to life or produce stunning variations with the interplay between light and texture.

As with all materials there are some limitations on limestone thickness for the textured finishes.In a similar way some of the mechanically produced textures cannot be applied to the edges of the blocks.Polished and honed finishes generally do not perform well out of doors.

Finish: Honed

Honed finishes can be produced using a range of grits. The coarsest grit will give a pale blue-grey colour and the finest a dark blue-grey to black. There will be subtle variations between different beds in any quarry. Most quarries have a limited number of beds that yield an even colour but where crinoids are present they will show as well defined surface mottling. Shell beds honed with a fine grit are often black with a spectacular white contrast provided by the brachiopods. The surface produced by the coarser grits is smooth and matt with a faint pattern of circular scores. Finer grits produce a smooth matt texture with no obvious tool marks.


Central Bank of Ireland Year: 2017



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Honed Branco Micaela


Honed Dietfurt Grey / Blue Limestone


Honed Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Honed G603 Granite / Granamore


Honed Oriental Dark


Sanded Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Bushammered Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Polished Oriental Dark


Polished G603 Granite / Granamore


Polished Branco Micaela


Chiselled Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Flamed & Brush Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Polished Dietfurt Grey / Blue Limestone


Sand Blasted Branco Micaela


Bushammered G603 Granite / Granamore


Bushammered Branco Micaela


Flamed G603 Granite / Granamore


Flamed Branco Micaela


Sarena Dietfurt Grey / Blue Limestone


Bushammered Oriental Dark


Flamed Oriental Dark

Dark Grey

Flamed Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Polished Angola Black Granite


Flamed Angola Black Granite


Honed Oriental Black


Honed Angola Black Granite


Polished Kilkenny Blue Limestone


Polished Oriental Black


Bushammered Oriental Black


Flamed Oriental Black


Honed Dietfurt Grey / Blue Limestone


Honed Crema Terra Granite


Bushammered Amarelo Real Granite


Honed Delta Cream (G682)


Honed Molianos Limestone


Honed Dietfurt Beige Limestone


Honed - Rough Dietfurt Beige Limestone


Flamed Crema Terra Granite


Honed Amarelo Real Granite


Bushammered Delta Cream (G682)


Polished Crema Terra Granite


Hammered Dietfurt Beige Limestone


Serena Dietfurt Beige Limestone


Vein Cut - Honed Dietfurt Beige Limestone


Split Face Dietfurt Beige Limestone


Flamed Red Porphry


Polished Paradiso


Polished Imperial Red


Honed Eichenbuhler Sandstone